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Joint Meeting of the Argentine Society of Hypertension (SAHA) and the Inter -American Society of Hypertension (IASH) is Co-sponsored by the International Society of Hypertension, the Hypertension Council of the AHA and the American Foundation for Hypertension Research & Education.

IASH-SAHA joint Meeting Program:   English | Spanish

The annual scientific meeting of the Argentine Society of Hypertension (SAHA) was held in the city of Mendoza, Argentina on April 20th-23rd 2017.  At the foothills of the Andes, the city of Mendoza and its surrounding areas are known worldwide as the gateway for climbers and mountaineers seeking to reach the slops of the Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemispheres.  Equally important, Mendoza’s gentle clime and fertile soil accounts for this area becoming the largest wine producing region in Latin America.

Organized by Dr. Nicolas Renna (Organizing Committee President) and Dr. Roberto Miatello (Scientific Committee President) the meeting was an outstanding success attracting a record of over 3,400 attendees representing all of the areas of cardiovascular medicine including practicing physicians, basic and clinical investigators, and nurses.  The participation of the Inter-American Society of Hypertension (IASH) as the scientific co-sponsor of the meeting enriched the academic and clinical objectives of the SAHA’s congress through covering the expenses associated with the travel of 12 international leading clinical and basic science investigators from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, and the United Kingdom and the granting of monetary awards to the three best posters presented by young Latin American investigators.

An international symposium, jointly organized by SAHA, the IASH and the ISH provided a venue for an up to-date discussion of the merits of intensive blood pressure control based on the recent findings of the SPRINT Trial.  The SAHA-IASH-ISH joint symposium, chaired by Dr. Piskorz D (Argentina) and Dr. Ramirez, Agustin J (Argentina), had Dr. William Cushman (Memphis, TN, USA) as the leading presenter of the SPRINT Study.  Dr. Cushman’s presentation was followed by a further discussion of the SPRINT Trial Results in Special Populations by Dr. Henry Punzi (Dallas, Tx,USA).  Dr. Luis Juncos (Córdoba, Argentina) addressed the Impact of Intensive Control in Arterial Hypertension with a focus on Chronic Kidney Disease while Dr. Luis Alcocer (México City, México) discussed whether the findings of the SPRINT Trial are applicable in Latin America.  Drs. Gabriel Waisman (CABA, Argentina) and Ernesto Schiffrin (Montreal, Canada) then presented the current status of current therapeutic guidelines recommended by SAHA, the Canadian and ISH Hypertension Societies, respectively.  The superbly exciting symposia closed with a focus presentation by Dr.Maciej Tomaszewski (Manchester, UK) who outlined the factors associated with lack of adherence to antihypertensive treatment.  The symposium was a great success; the highly lively discussion that followed the presentations provided a testimony to the potential importance of aggressive blood pressure control in terms of their applicability to Latin-American populations.

As part of the program, the IASH also co-sponsored with SAHA a symposium focusing on Tissue Hormone Systems Implicated in Cardio Renal Remodeling.  This Symposia included presentations from Drs. Prieto (Tulane University, New Orleans LA USA), Maria P Ocaranza (Catholic University, Santiago Chile), Jasmina Varagic (Wake Forest University, Winston Salem NC, USA), Robson Santos (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte Brazil), Mariela Gironacci (Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina), Oscar Carretero (Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit MI, USA), Gregory Fink (Michigan State University, Lansing MI, USA) and Carlos M Ferrario (Wake Forest University, Winston Salem NC, USA).  The two sessions of this Symposium were well-attended.  Non-restricted grants provided by the AHA Hypertension Council, the American Foundation for Hypertension Research & Education, and the ISH to the IASH provided the financial resources to accomplish this educational activity.

Altogether, more than 110 original abstracts were presented during the SAHA meeting, 32 of which were in an international competition organized by SAHA-IASH, AHA and ISH.  Young investigators coming from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and USA presented their work in an original electronic screen poster competition.  Drs. Alexis Gonzales (Valparaiso, Chile), Cesar Romero (Detroit, MI USA) and Diahnn Perdicaro (Mendoza Argentina) received travel awards from the IASH as the best posters presented at this session.  We congratulate all of the participants.  In addition, Dr. William Cushman was honored with the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award by the IASH.

The proven collaborative efforts between the organizers of the SAHA meeting in Mendoza and the IASH sets a new example for future educational efforts where by the activities of local Hypertension Societies are enriched through the participation of international scientists for whom the IASH working in cooperation with the ISH, the Hypertension Council of the AHA, and the American Foundation for Hypertension Research & Education provide the financial resources to achieve these tasks.  The experience gained in the Mendoza’s meeting underscores the vital role of the ISH in achieving these goals.

In Mendoza, Dr Judith Zilberman was elected president of the SAHA for the next two years.  She is the first woman to be elected for this position in the SAHA history.  Dr Zilberman is a regular member of our society and an active member of the ISH research network “Women in Hypertension”.  We congratulate Dr. Zilberman and we wish a great success.


The IASH sponsored a workshop entitled “Writing, submitting and reviewing scientific manuscripts” during the last meeting of the Brazilian Society of Hypertension (August 13-15, 2015 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil). We were pleased to have an outstanding panel of experts in hypertension presenting: Elizabeth Muxfeldt, MD, PhD (Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Ernesto Schiffrin, MD, PhD, (Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada), and Curt Sigmund, PhD (Professor, University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA). All of them have been serving as member of the editorial board of important journals publishing research in hypertension, such as Hypertension, Journal of Hypertension, Current Hypertension Reports, and Journal of Human Hypertension. Our three speakers presented a variety of topics involved in the process of writing and publishing an article, including “How to write each session of a scientific manuscript”; “How to choose a strong title”; “How to choose a scientific journal”; “What is peer review”; “How to critically analyze a manuscript as a reviewer”, “How to write a response letter to the reviewers”, etc. The workshop was well attended by both trainees and established investigators and many of them made questions to the speakers after the presentations. Drs. Muxfeldt, Schiffrin, and Sigmund agreed to share their power point presentations with the IASH and these will be available soon in our website for members. In view of the huge success of this workshop, the IASH is considering to sponsor additional scientific sessions devoted to trainees. Please, email Dr. Ana Palei (apalei@umc.edu) for suggestions of topics.



The XIX Scientific Meeting of the Inter-American Society of Hypertension (IASH) was held in conjunction with the XXII Congress of the Brazilian Society of Hypertension in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, from August 13-16, 2014.  There were 730 registered attendees in the event, including 45 invited speakers from the American continent and overseas.  The program included 4 plenary conferences and 19 mini-conferences, 4 Symposia and the presentation of almost 400 abstracts.  The Program Committee selected 48 abstracts as oral and poster communications from junior investigators and trainees.  In addition to the free communications, presentations by award recipients and the special state-of-the-art lectures all contribute to an excellent meeting.  Bridget K Brosnihan, Ph.D. was awarded the 2014 IASH Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to understanding the role of the renin angiotensin system and, particularly, angiotensin-(1-7) as a principal regulator of fetal development and eclampsia.

The organizing committee extends their gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Lucelia Batista Neves Cunha Magallhães, President of the XXII Congress of the Brazilian Society of Hypertension and Dr. Maria Claudia Irigoyen, Co-Chair of the IASH Scientific Sessions for their magnificent effort in the organization and preparation of the scientific program.  As a result, we had an outstanding and successful joint meeting.  Selected presentations, either as original articles or reviews, will be published in Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease, the now official journal of the IASH.

We were happy to hold this great event in the geographic frame of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, which provided the ideal atmosphere to engage all participants into the outstanding scientific program presented, network, and social activities.


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